When you are your own boss, when you run your own
business, your energy level is critically
important. But if you are feeling exhausted,
congested, bloated, sluggish, or foggy, then
these signs of imbalance can directly impact
your performance.

One way to hit the re-set button is to do a

The traditional time of year to cleanse is April,
with the transition from winter to spring. This
guidance comes from Traditional Chinese Medicine,
and the cleanse focuses on cleaning out the liver.


In the winter months, in order to stay warm, we
tend to eat foods with a higher fat content. This
is natural and healthy, because fat helps
insulate the body and keep it warm.

Once the Earth begins to warm up, we no longer
need that insulation, and cleaning up the liver
helps to lighten the body’s load. Eating in tune
with the season, means that you start to eat
lighter spring greens. And many of the spring
greens, you will notice, are more bitter in
flavor. That is perfect, because foods with a
bitter energetic quality help to cleanse the

Yes, there are other times a year to cleanse. The
second best time of year tends to be in the mid
autumn period. Again, this is based on the wisdom
and guidance of Chinese medicine.

(And, there are other ways to move stuck energy
that I’ll expand on in a future post.)

But ultimately, the best guide is your own body’s
wisdom. And with the strange weather we’ve had
this year, with warmer winter temps, your body
may be craving a cleanse earlier.


What signs should you look for to let you know if
it’s time to cleanse?


One, your body might feel heavy and sluggish or
you may be experiencing more congestion than

Two, your skin may be more prone to break outs or
other conditions that suggest the body is out of

Three, your bowels specifically may be more
sluggish or constipated.

Four, your energy level may be lower than what’s
normal for you this time of year.

Five, you may generally have the feeling of just
being stuck in life.

Finally, you just might have this idea that a
cleanse is the right thing for you, and that’s

And while there are other reasons, ultimately…

Follow your body’s intuitive guidance. A cleanse
might just be what you need to get back on track,
improve your focus and productivity, and improve
your performance.

Stay tuned for another blog post soon about how
to cleanse.

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