“Sehnsucht” is a German word that means “longing” or “yearning.”

Do you have a “Sehnsucht” for something to change or improve in this New Year? If so, what is it? And how will you bring about the change or improvement?

Here are 6 Simple Tips to Pave the Way:

Here are 6 (six) simple tips you can follow to pave the way for that which you long for… the focus of your “sehnsucht”… to bring it into being!

Write it down…

Use a pen or colorful pencil or marker and draw or write it down on paper. Allow your imagination to flow freely and don’t hold yourself back. Capture all the details of what is at the heart of your “sehnsucht” and take this first step in making it real.

Make room… 

When your closet is crammed full of old clothes that don’t fit and you never wear, where can you hang up that nice new outfit you want to buy? You must first make room!

This analogy applies to anything new you want to bring into your life… a new job, new relationship, a move, better performance at work, and so on.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your current commitments, how will you ever do something new? Be honest with yourself and identify what can be let go.

If there’s no physical space in your home or work environment for what you want, then it’s time to declutter and donate (or hand down or recycle or toss out) what is no longer needed.

If someone in your life is draining you, identify why and if you can respectfully ease out of the relationship to release your energy for the new “something” you’re inviting into your life.

What am I personally doing to make room? For the first time ever, I’m doing a mid-winter cleanse that is focused on warm foods and soups. (I usually do a food-based cleanse in April.) I’m also slowly streamlining my household contents (especially old books, toys, unused and unneeded office supplies, ripped/old linens, what’s in the attic, etc) and keeping my schedule as “light” as it can be in January.

Take the first step…

Photograph by Augustus Binu

Photograph by Augustus Binu

Look back at what you drew or wrote down in the first step, then take a deep breath and ask yourself: “What is be the simplest, easiest thing I can do to get started?” Then, do it.

Check-in and Tweak…

Check-in about your progress and adjust if necessary. Did you take that first step? If not, why? What got in the way? How can you take a slightly different approach to make it happen? Who can help you or help hold you accountable? Or, what’s another simple, easy step you can take?
Take the second step…

Photograph by Augustus Binu

Photograph by Augustus Binu

Once you’ve successfully taken that first step, move to the next step.

And repeat…

Check-in and adjust (if necessary), then move forward. Check-in and tweak (if necessary), and move forward again.

What if I feel stuck?

If you’re not sure how to Make Room or Take the First Step, or if you get stuck somewhere along the way before you are able to realize what you desire, then schedule a free 15-minute call with me to talk it through. Schedule Here.  “Erin quickly identified the #1 issue holding me back.”

If you find yourself resisting, ask yourself: Do I really and truly want what I have a “sehnsucht” for? If so, don’t hold back!

Here’s to you making 2014 your Breakthrough Year!