New Year Planning Assessment

Is it time to assess what’s next in your life and career?

You do this in your business. Now it’s time to do it for you.

Take action now to shape your vision for 2020 and shift from feeling stuck to making choices that support the life you want.

This is for you if:

  • You’ve been thinking: is this it? Am I going to stick this out until I retire? And yet, when you’re honest with yourself, you’re deeply craving greater meaning and satisfaction in your work.
  • The anxiety or dread you’ve been feeling about work has been growing daily. Are you really going to be still thinking about making a change in June next year?
  • You’re ready to decide. Sure, there are many reasons why you haven’t figured this out yet (not enough time, health issues, being surrounded by others who are “just getting by”, etc), but we both know those are just excuses. And you’re a decision maker! So, let’s channel your “get it done now” work energy into YOU and your future.

What we’ll do in this 1-hour new year planning assessment and what it will do for your career:

  • Clarify what’s going well and what specifics you want to be different in the Work, Home, and Self domains of your life and how that impacts your career.
  • Dig into the clear cost-benefit analysis of your current career assessment (let’s get real – no hiding anymore!)
  • Envision the positive ripple effects that can come from making a change in the Work domain of your life (you don’t have to change everything to transform everything!)
  • Explore the changes you absolutely must make in 2020 to ensure you feel satisfied, motivated and on track and your priority list for 1Q 2020
  • Decide if the Executive Career Reinvention program will be a critical component in getting you where you want to go in 2020

Why now is the time:

The Math and Your Longevity: you have approximately 365 days x        years left in your career. How many days do you have left?

The Money and Your Life Force: That translates to $      ,       of income coming from work that is either draining your life force energy or feeding your soul and inspiring you to get up every day

The Mental Load and Your Energy: Making a change has been rattling around in your head for        years and        months, which equates to        hours of your life

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where will this take place? From the convenience of your home or office using Zoom video or audio. (We prefer video if you can swing it.)

Who will I be meeting with? Erin Owen, our lead coach and creator of The Executive Career ReinventionTM methodology.

What if I book, then discover I have a scheduling conflict? No worries! If none of Erin’s available appointments work for you, e-mail with your availability and we’ll figure it out!

Other questions? Email