Exec Career Reinvention Accelerated Intensive Program (10% discount)

Your Coaching Program Includes:
All components in the Executive Career Reinvention Private coaching program with special emphasis on clarifying your purpose/highest & best use this next stage of your career via the truly unique LifePrint assessment and leveraging the Leader Network Diagnostic so you can more strategically use the vast potential within your first and second degree relationships - especially those in the US.


  • Foundational reflection questions (to complete this weekend by end of day Sunday)
  • LifePrint assessment and related consultation via Zoom video with Sarah Van Aken
  • Career Values and Motivated Skills assessments, as well as PQ Saboteur assessment, all of which you will complete online (instructions to follow, one step at a time)
  • Coaching sessions with your lead coach and passionate advocate for your success through this process
  • Leader Network Diagnostic to analyze your network and a follow-up half-hour private session with Donna Chrobot-Mason to understand how to best strengthen and leverage your network
  • Your creation of a Detailed, Tactical Action Plan (using our template) and creation of your Commitment Declaration (which you'll learn more about later).
  • Enhancing how to communicate most effectively with key people in your network and make new connections by using the Stakeholder Dialogue approach
  • Email or text coaching support in-between coaching session to address your questions and clarify strategies as opportunities arise
  • Changes to the Core Components of the Program for this Summer/Fall 2020:
    • The addition of the PQ Positive Intelligence Assessment and integration of the results into the coaching work we do together. Knowing the strength of your mental saboteurs will help us both know where to be cautious and inform how I can best support you in strengthening your wiser, Sage self to be most effective and resilient -- all with the goal of support your success AND your happiness.
  • I am not currently holding group calls with other clients, though this may change as we move into the early Fall. The exception to this is if you decide to build-on the PQ Assessment and join a group of 5+ to move through the PQ positive intelligence program, which would be fully included in the work you do with me -- no extra cost.

Payment schedule:
First payment: 50% deposit of $2,362.50
2nd payment due 30 days after: $1,181.25
3rd/final payment due 30 days after 2nd: $1,181.25

Total program investment: $4,725.00 USD

$1,181.25 every 30 days X 2