Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the application process for the Executive Career ReinventionTM program?

A: Step 1 review the program info on this website and download a program description from our Information Request form.

If you feel our approach is right for you and the timing is right, move on to Step 2: Apply for a call with our lead coach Erin Owen. 

Step 3: On the call, together with Erin, determine which program format is best for you.

Step 4: Begin your Reinvention!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this program relevant for someone who is not transitioning from one “corporate world” position to another “corporate world” position?

Absolutely! Our clients’ transition experiences include making changes within the same industry and also go far beyond corporate-to-corporate, covering a wide range of transitions, including the following actual client transitions:

  • affirming they are in the right role for now but shifting how they translate their strengths/interests, delegating/outsourcing differently, etc.
  • clarifying a new next role within their same industry and creating a plan to secure that
  • identifying, researching, and confirming a totally new direction to a different industry or area of expertise at a similar organizational level or higher – sometimes involving additional certification or education
  • exploring whether to stay in an administrative leadership position at a large university and ultimately applying for and securing a private-sector leadership role
  • deciding they want to “create” their own next role in a consultancy or a new business and go the more entrepreneurial route
  • transitioning from being a business owner or partner to going “in-house” in an executive or leadership capacity to another company
  • preparing to transition out of military leadership into the civilian sector, negotiating among three different offers from international companies, and deciding on a best role that aligned all interests and values, that was also geographically close to extended family
  • taking a “side hustle” or smaller interest/skillset, and elevating it to the focus of a new role
  • changing their mind about “I want to sell the company” to instead bringing in a new partner (in one case), or hiring new c-suite leadership (in another case) so they can shift their role in the company
  • shifting to part-time “portfolio” approach to work, becoming a “free agent” type contractor
  • and more…

Who are the experts and systems behind the time-tested frameworks, assessments, tools, and practices used in this program?

  • Erin Owen, MBA, PCC, JCTC is the lead coach and facilitator for the program, leveraging 25 years’ experience working with executive level clients from 15+ countries
  • Richard Knowdell’s Career Research and Testing framework and card sort assessments (lead facilitator Erin Owen is certified in Knowdell’s Job and Career Transition Coaching approach and tools)
  • LifePrintTM assessment, based on ancient Vedic principles (contributing expert Sarah Van Aken is one of only 15 people worldwide certified to administer this truly unique tool and help you interpret it through her experienced lens as a serial entrepreneur and successful builder of companies and brands)
  • Leader Network DiagnosticTM, facilitated by Donna Chrobot-Mason, Director of the Center for Organizational Leadership at the University of Cincinnati and LND expert
  • Stew Friedman’s Total LeadershipTM: the Stakeholder dialogue and bonus Four Way View assessment (Erin Owen is certified with TL and has delivered its content to leaders in numerous industries and countries)

What are the Benefits of engaging fully in this program?

  • Increased self-awareness and clarity about what is unique about you and most important to you
  • Increased confidence, self-esteem, and self-assurance about who you are, what is unique/valuable about you, and how your values and strengths directly translate into your next career step
  • Greater confidence to negotiate a higher salary and benefits in your next role
  • Better quality of life as you release uncertainty, doubt and worries about your future
  • Reduced stress and anxiety around figuring out what is next and begin to work your plan
  • Deeper connection, community, and support. You do not need to do this alone. You will be supported by others in a similar situation, along with experts and time-tested frameworks supporting and guiding your exploration in a safe, manageably-paced approach

What will you invest in this program?

Time – estimate roughly two to four hours each week over a 12-14 week period for your coaching calls and fieldwork between calls; when the group program and group community calls are offered, estimate another optional 1-2 hours each month for the group calls

Energy – practicing positive sleep hygiene, staying active and eating clean healthy foods will give you the greatest mental, physical, and emotional energy to be present for this program and get the most out of it

Money – you’re putting real dollars to work for you by investing in your well-being, your professional growth, and your future earning potential

What is unique and different about this program (as compared to others)?

  1. You will learn how to leverage your multiple centers of intelligence to bring your whole self to this next career move and ensure you are not operating only in the world of “shoulds” and what others want for you
  • Most executive career exploration and outplacement programs are one-dimensional, using a typical business/Western approach of one or a few cognitive assessments, and building off of your previous job title and salary history to find the next “it”—but you want to step back and explore what you really want so this next move is more purposeful and meaningful
  1. You will create a clear commitment declaration so you can fully embody the success anchored at the heart of your career-related goal
  • Most Executive Recruiters are understandably focused on one goal: getting you placed in a job – and are not able to (or interested in) taking the time needed to really get to you know you as a whole human being and leader, your deepest desires, what you really want out of life and from this next role
  1. You will experience a seamless combination of frameworks, concepts, and assessments drawn from three primary sources of career wisdom: a more Western business approach, an Eastern-based spiritual approach, and the somatic/neuroscience approach

What’s different about the Private Coaching Option?

The private coaching format offers more customized, personalized support beyond the structure and components of the group program, including:

  • All the components and benefits of the group program PLUS
  • 8-10 hours of private coaching sessions (in the full program) or 4-6 hours (in the accelerated intensive version) with your assigned coach partner
  • Email and/or text message coaching support during business hours in-between coaching sessions
  • Access to additional materials and resources selected specifically for you and your unique circumstances and learning style, all to support your exploration and successful career reinvention

For more details and pricing information on the private coaching option, contact us to discuss further. Coaching privately with Erin is subject to availability, as Erin only works with a handful of private clients. Other skilled executive and career coaches on her team are available to work privately with you, subject to availability and the best “fit” to support your goals.

Q: What is the difference between the group and private programs?

PLEASE NOTE: The group version of the Exec Career Reinvention program is currently not available to individual clients. The comparative details below for the two formats of the private program still apply. When the group program and group calls are available, the following information can be used to compare it to the two formats of the private program.

Want to learn more about coaching in general? We invite you to head over to our Coaching FAQ page.