From Crisis to Clarity Planning Session

Is it time to assess what’s next in your life and career?

Whether it’s a health crisis, news of a restructuring, recent death of a loved one, or impact of a global event…

This is for you if you want:

  • Clarity about what’s most important for you now
  • Clarity about what you will do next in support of your life plans and career
  • Clarity about how you can leverage your experience, strengths, and network to create what’s next for you

What we’ll do in this 1-hour “Crisis to Clarity” session and the subsequent 30-minute Progress check call: 

  • Clarify how the recent crisis has reshaped your perspective on what’s going well and what you want to be different in the Work, Home, and Self domains of your life
  • Dig into the clear cost-benefit analysis of the decisions you are (or are not) making
  • Envision the positive ripple effects that can come from making a change in the Work domain of your life (HINT: you don’t have to change everything to make a positive transformation)
  • Define the changes you absolutely must make, what preparation or research is needed, who can support you, and your timeline for moving forward
  • If relevant, discuss if Executive Coaching or the Executive Career ReinventionTM program will be a critical component in getting you where you want to go in 2020

Why now is the time:

Life is short. The recent crisis has shown you that. When you do the math, you realize you only have so many days left in your life to make the most of it.

Book Your Crisis to Clarity Session Here and Schedule before your window of opportunity slips away.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Where will this take place? From the convenience of your home or office using Zoom video or audio. (We prefer video if you can swing it.)

How much support will I receive? 90 minutes of coaching via the initial 60-minute session and the subsequent 30-minute progress check call

Who will I be meeting with? Erin Owen, veteran Executive Coach, and creator of The Executive Career ReinventionTM methodology.

What if I book, then discover I have a scheduling conflict? No worries! If none of Erin’s available appointments work for you, e-mail with your availability and we’ll figure it out!

Other questions? Email