FAQ & Terminology


What is LifePrintTM?

LifePrintTM is a spiritual science rooted in the ancient Vedas that offers personalized guidance and practices for all areas of human growth and development. The methodology was rediscovered in the 1980’s and expanded upon by Ed Tarabilda in the form of The Art of Multidimensional Living.

How does it work?

LifePrintTM provides individualized Ayurvedic mind-body health and wellness practices. The LifePrintTMsystem is based on a structure of eight Fields of Living and eight Personality Types that are aligned based on your birth chart. These Fields of Living govern your: Spiritual Nature, Desire Nature, Relating Nature, Dharma, Career Path, your nature of Creative Play, Vital Body and Physical Body. By reading the birth chart or LifePrintTM, there is an understanding of the individual’s unique dietary, exercise, meditation and overall lifestyle needs including spirituality, career and dharmic paths. Just as your fingerprints are unique to you, so are your overall lifestyle needs.

What is LifePrint-ProTM?

LifePrint-PROTM Focuses on primarily on your Career & Dharma, with insights from your Spiritual and Relating natures to enhance how you understand yourself and your highest and best use in how you work in the world.

How can I learn more about the history of LifePrintTM?

The best place to learn more about this work is by reading Edward Tarabilda’s books Ayurveda
Revolutionized and The Global Oracle. While not a direct explanation of the practice they do outline the foundation of the work. Unfortunately, Tarabilda only had a few educational publications and only trained about 20 or so people in the work before his untimely passing.

What are the Eight Fields of Living and Eight Personality Types?

The Fields of Living

Spiritual Nature
Wealth and Desire Nature
Relating Style
Career Path
Creative Play & Parenting
Mental Health and Vital Body
Physical Body

The Personalities

The Integrative Path
The Path of Devotion
The Path of the Warrior
The Path of the Intellect
The Path of Selfless Giving
The Path of the Senses
The Physical Path
The Path of the Rebel

What kind of insights will I learn?

  • Career & Dharma insight to support fulfillment in your daily life. LifePrint-ProTM
  • Personalized practices & self-knowledge
  • Dietary & Ayurvedic therapy recommendations
  • Spiritual practices & recommended texts
  • Relationship insight to support healthy engagement and communication

Why do I need a LifeprintTM?
Just as your fingerprints are unique to you, so are your dietary, exercise, meditation and overall lifestyle needs including career, relationship and dharmic paths.


Ayurveda: The literal translation is life knowledge (Ayur – Meaning life and Veda – Meaning knowledge). Derived from the Vedic Texts, Ayurveda is the ancient Hindu science of health and wellness. Here are two links to read more about the history of Ayurveda and a modern interpretation of it.

The Vedas: The most ancient Hindu scriptures dating back at least 1500BCE that outline guidance on all areas of life. Here is an easily digestible, high level overview of The Vedas.

Dharma: Is your life’s purpose. Think of it as your external spirituality. When you ask yourself the question “How can I best serve society?” you are asking a dharmic question. The area of life known as Dharma is that which relates to moral, ethical and evolutionary behavior. We can best serve society & ultimately ourselves by knowing and engaging in our dharma daily. At the end of life feelings of fulfillment come from having engaged appropriately with our Dharmic path.

It is essential to the whole health of society that each person engage in their specific Dharmic path. It takes an equal share of all 5 Dharmas to make society function well. The five Dharmic Paths are: Teacher/Counselor, Protector, Business Person, Service, Rebel.