Monthly Payment for Exec Coaching + 360 Program

Monthly Payment due 1st of each month (August to Dec 2020) for 6-Month Retainer for ALL Proposed Components of your Private Executive Coaching + 360 Program: $15,000.00 USD

  • 360 Assessment (online & interviews)
  • Supplemental Assessments & Materials Named Above
  • Leadership Growth Plan
  • 2x/month Executive Coaching
  • Model for Leadership Development Plan for other Spark Leaders

OPTION to Renew Executive Coaching Retainer for Additional 6 months: 2: $5,950.00 USD


360 Interviews, Report, and Related Manager Meetings

  • Conducting 4-to-6 qualitative 360 interviews via phone or video format with key stakeholders
  • Drafting and finalizing the core set of interview questions with insights from the online 360, other assessments, input from you and your manager
  • Confirming key names and titles of stakeholders to be interviewed
  • Generating a summary report of your strengths, areas of development, and potential blind spots
  • Optional 3 three-way meetings with you, CEO, and coach: beginning, mid-point, and end point of this contract

Any additional interviews beyond the 4-to-6 in this scope will be charged at a rate of $350.00 USD/per stakeholder.

Note #1: You or a member of your organization will assist in scheduling the 360 interview meetings.

Note #2: No non-local travel is expected. However, please note that any round-trip flight, hotel, and per diem, if applicable at any time during the duration of this contract, are not included in this retainer. Please provide your organization’s standard contractor information for arranging and paying for these facets of the work.

Note #3: Both retainer options include any relevant assessment administration fees, interpretation/analysis of assessment results, live and email coaching during business hours, coaching session summary notes, and additional resource materials relevant to the focus of coaching.

Payment schedule:
$4,000.00 due July 1, 2020.
$2,200.00 due 20th of month for five months from August 2020 to December 2020.

$2,200.00 every 30 days X 2