Private Coaching Program

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The Executive Career ReinventionTM PRIVATE Programs are specifically designed for you – an experienced executive who is ready to explore what is next for you, expand your understanding of yourself and your capabilities and launch the reinvention of your career.

Erin developed this high-level Private Coaching Program for you so that you can benefit from all that she has learned and receive the guidance, accountability, and mastery-level coaching to help you clarify who you are, what’s most important to you, and what strengths will give you the greatest satisfaction and ROI in your next role.

Private Coaching is available in two formats: a 3-month version for clients who prevent more touch points with a private coach over a longer period of time, as well as an Accelerated 6-8 week Intensive version designed exclusively for the highly motivated, ‘need it done now’ executive-level clients.

Learn more about the overall content and components of the private coaching program by requesting our Program Info below, then ask to schedule an Exec Career ReinventionTM Kick-Start Session with Erin to discuss further.