What do the most successful entrepreneurs DO to
drive their success?

They ASK.

I’m talking about entrepreneurs who have:
•    More than 15 years experience
•    Started up and run multiple businesses across
•    Have taken at least one of those companies
•    Generated earnings of more than $2 million
•    And more

Why do they ASK, what do they ASK, and how do they
ASK? I invite you to read on.

Why do they ASK?

They know that in order to bring others on board,
to support them in achieving their vision, they
need to cultivate a kind of shared ownership in
evolving that vision – something I call Energetic

They have to be willing to let go of their vision
enough to let others in to co-create it, and be
flexible to respond to contingencies that arise in
the process. In other words, they work with others
in an flexible way to make lemonades out of

And an essential part of how they do this and
their success is “the ASK.”

This directly supports one of the foundational
performance principles I teach to private clients
in our work together. That is, “Wherever You
Direct Your Attention, Energy Follows” – or “like
attracts like.”

If you want more of something in your business or
your life, focus on that – in what you think and
feel, in what you say to others and yourself, and
in what you do.

Exactly. Isn’t that why its said ASK and ye shall

What do they ASK?

The most successful serial entrepreneurs ask:

•    Friends, colleagues, family members what they
think of their vision
•    Suppliers to be more flexible about their
payment terms
•    Key influencers to be part of their board
•    People they know, like, and respect to help them
grow the business
•    Ideal customers for business

In short, they ASK anyone, anything.

How do they ASK?

The exact details of this critical skill are
currently being researched by Dr. Saras Sarasvathy
of the Darden Business School at The University of
Virginia. She led a fantastic workshop that I
attended yesterday in Manhattan called “How to
Think and Act Like An Entrepeneur.”

But, one thing became clear during our discussion
yesterday. You must be willing to share your
vision – and active in telling everyone about it.

This is something my good friend and colleague
Stew Friedman of The Wharton School at The
University of Pennsylvania knows all about. In his
Total Leadership program, he teaches
people (not just C-suite leaders) how to
effectively paint a compelling picture of the
future in order to enroll the most important
people in your life to support you.

In other words, you have to open up and share what
you’re up to, get others excited about that picture
of the future, then ASK others to be a part of
what you’re creating.

What’s my ASK?

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…these next 60 days – beginning today — I’m
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just how successful entrepreneurs ASK, including
looking into what gets in the way of them not

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Here’s to your success – by ASKing for more of
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