In this time of division, anxiety, and name-calling, I feel called to share with you this perspective.

No matter what someone has done to you. No matter how far-off and wacky you think their belief or lifestyle or behavior is. 
No matter how unrealistic their idea is. No matter…

They are at least 10% right.

Can you get with me on this?

What if “they” were at least 10% right?

I encourage you to catch yourself judging them, criticizing them, gossiping about them with others, railing about them on social media, and pause.

Catch yourself and pause. Really pause.

And ask your wiser, more sage self: “Okay, self: what if they are actually 10% right. What is it I can say that I appreciate about them or like about their idea or recognize might be valid in certain circumstances?”

Allow yourself to see and recognize the 10% in the other that is right.

This will not only reduce your stress and anxiety and anger and frustration.
It will free-up your energy to allow more love and light into your life.
It will reduce division and allow for more connection.
It will help you to sleep better.

Because at the end of the day, we all want to be happy and safe.

I’ve learned this 10% perspective from my work this past six months with the Positive Intelligence mental fitness model. The shift I’ve experienced in my life in all roles (as mother, as spouse, as friend, as business owner, as coach) has been profound. I feel more compassion for myself and others. I see more deeply how we’re all connected. I have less stress, less anxiety, less worry. I see more possibilities. I have more hope. I’ve been more creative and resourceful. And on and on.

To learn more about Positive Intelligence — or “PQ” for short, click here or email me with any questions you have.