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Real Life Career Reinvention

Client “Margot”*quit her job after being discouraged with the culture of her company’s leadership team and dissatisfied with her future prospects with the company. Within 3 months of beginning the career reinvention coaching program, this executive-level client secured her next position and was able to negotiate a much higher salary, generating a 93x return on her financial investment in the program – and that ROI does not include the value of her retirement, health, or variable compensation benefits or the invaluable aspects of improved quality of life and self-confidence.*

In addition she shared: “I also have new tools to support and enrich my work and home life and by which I can have an ongoing assessment of where I am and where I want to go next. I’ve confirmed what is important to me as it pertains to work as well as to my life in general. I’ve gained more confidence in advocating and representing myself and what I “bring to the table” work-wise.”


*DISCLAIMER: The results of this client may not be what you experience. For you, it will depend on what you invest in the program and what salary you generate in your next move. Your own financial ROI could be more or less than what this client experienced. And your own timeline in “landing” your next position could be shorter or longer.

The Future of Work Looks Different

The guidance you seek for your career reinvention must be different, too.

  • More and more executives are transitioning out of traditional corporate roles to change industries, create a portfolio career, to become entrepreneurs, or launch consultancies.
  • Executives are switching jobs more frequently and workers who stay with a company longer than two years are said to earn 50% less.
  • Experts recommend changing jobs every 3-4 years to take on new challenges, stay engaged, and grow your skill set.
  • Between 65 and 70% of new career opportunities at the $200K level and above are not found online, but by high-quality networking.
  • Increasing automation in the 21st century means massive changes in what jobs are needed and what skills are valued.

How well positioned are you to re-invent your career at this stage of your professional life?

We prepare you for the reinvention.

Our Unique Approach

You are more than a resume.

Most executive career transition programs are impersonal, one-dimensional, and stuck in a 20th century mode.


They use a few cognitive assessments, and build off of your past history and previous job title to find the next “it”.


Executive recruiters work to fill requisitions for the companies hiring candidates in a transactional manner — and thus are not truly interested in building a relationship with you or getting to know your bigger vision for work and life.


But if you’re like our clients in this latter third of your career, you need and want more.


Our program is three-dimensional: evolved to provide what you need in the 21st century.


3 core areas of a successful career reinvention

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