How well positioned are you to reinvent your career at this stage of your professional life?

Let’s prepare you for the reinvention.

Watch this short video to learn why we seek greater meaning and impact in mid-career, and know you are not alone!

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Our Unique Approach

You are more than a resume.


Most outplacement and executive career transition programs are impersonal, one-dimensional, and stuck in a 20th century mode.

They use a few cognitive assessments, and build off of your past history and previous job title to find the next “it”.

But if you’re like our clients in this latter third of your career, you need and want more.

Our program is three-dimensional: evolved to provide what you need in the 21st century.

We address the 3 core areas of a successful career reinvention for this unique stage of your career.


your values, skills, and priorities to give greater consideration to your legacy and meaningful work

The number 2

your multiple centers of intelligence to ensure you don’t operate via your “should” and

The number 2

your communication with your network

The Future of Work Looks Different

The guidance you seek for your career reinvention must be different, too.


  • More and more executives are transitioning out of traditional corporate roles to change industries, create a portfolio career, to become entrepreneurs, or launch consultancies.
  • Executives are switching jobs more frequently and workers who stay with a company longer than two years are said to earn 50% less.
  • Experts recommend changing jobs every 3-4 years to take on new challenges, stay engaged, and grow your skill set.
  • Between 65 and 70% of new career opportunities at the $200K level and above are not found online, but by high-quality networking.
  • Increasing automation in the 21st century means massive changes in what jobs are needed and what skills are valued.

The result: you are positioned to thrive over and over again in a job market that increasingly favors being nimble and taking a non-traditional approach to work.

3 Sources of Career Wisdom

Our approach seamlessly combines of frameworks, concepts and assessments drawn from three primary sources of career wisdom: a more Western business approach, an Eastern-based spiritual approach, and the somatic/neuroscience approach

What’s included in the Western business approach?
The assessments we use are grounded in a large data set, decades of applications with thousands of career reinventers, and complement (rather than replicate) the typical assessments you’ve likely already done in other leadership development programs. The templates and tools used in the program are relevant, current, and user-friendly, so you can quickly synthesize the work you do in the program and directly translate the outcomes to communicate and market your value to key stakeholders – including recruiters and hiring managers.

Why an Eastern-based spiritual approach?
At this point in your life and human experience, you recognize there is more to life than making money and advancing in your career. You are also here to have a meaningful experience, connect with others, and make an impact as part of your legacy and life path. The Vedic assessment and Eastern-influenced practices offered in our group and private coaching programs expand your self-awareness, ground you in your truth, and also reduce the stress and anxiety you may be feeling about your future.

Why the somatic/neuroscience approach?
Tapping into and leveraging all your centers of intelligence via the tools of somatic coaching and the latest neuroscientific research contribute to increasing your resilience and becoming a more nimble and flexible leader in the age of non-stop innovation and disruptive change. Integrating these approaches into our group and private coaching programs builds your leadership capacity and expands your options, positioning you above your peers with skills you further leverage during your exploration and once you land in your next role.


  • Mid- and senior-level managers and executive leaders exploring your next career move and/or are in the midst of a career transition.
  • Our best clients…
    • Desire to better understand yourself, clarify what is next for you and who you want to be in this next stage of your life and career

    • Looking for a concrete, step-by-step program that generates actionable results that can directly feed into your next steps
    • Ready to positively embrace this important transformation to help you overcome fears and uncertainty, and increase your confidence, self-esteem, and self-assurance to navigate and thrive in this ever-changing, technology-driven world of ours


  • A detailed, tactical action plan to inform your career reinvention
  • Clarity about your:
    • Career-related values that are most meaningful to you
    • Leverage-able skills and strengths that motivate and inspire you to take action
    • Purpose in life and how the next evolution of your career can have more meaning
    • …and how the above inform and translate into your next career move
  • Insights into how you can create greater work-life harmony
  • Guidance to acknowledge and release the end of one stage of your career so you can open to this next stage
  • Concrete tools to identify and leverage key stakeholders in your network to research and secure your next role
  • Critical vocabulary (aka, the key words) to feed into telling your story and revising your LinkedIn profile, your resume, your exec bio, your cover letters, and/or a business plan – any communications needed for your next steps

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