For mid- and senior-level executives and business owners exploring your next career move

Are you ready to create the future of your career?

Her programs are specifically designed for you – an experienced executive who is ready to explore what is next for you, expand your understanding of yourself and your capabilities and launch the reinvention of your career.

She designed her programs so you can explore what’s next in a safe, structured space, reduce the typical anxiety and worry that accompanies transitions, and accelerate the time it typically takes to secure a next role at the senior level.

There are a lot of benefits to partnering with her in one of her programs, and one of the most powerful is realizing you have more options than you imagined to reinvent yourself in this next phase of your career.

RESULTS from working with her include:


A detailed, tactical action plan to inform your career reinvention


    Clarity about your all aspects of exploring what’s important to you know, what skills and strengths motivate you into action, how your purpose and professional evolution coincide to provide great meaner and templates and guidance for translating these insights into your next move.


      Concrete network diagnostic tools to identify and leverage key stakeholders in your network to support your exploration and next steps


        Critical vocabulary (aka, the key words) to feed into telling your story and revising your LinkedIn profile, your resume, your exec bio, your cover letters, and/or a business plan – any communications needed for your next steps

          Erin draws on nearly 25 years of professional experience ranging from organizational change management consulting to leadership coaching, in which she has consulted with and coached hundreds of entrepreneurs, business leaders and private individuals from more than 15 countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia. She takes a unique east-meets-west plus somatic coaching approach to helping clients more effectively manage their professional lives, grow their leadership capacity and resilience, and lead healthier, happier, more productive lives.

          And here’s why she rocks as a coaching partner for executives in the midst of considering their next career move: Yes, it’s true that she is certified as a Job & Career Transition Coach – but perhaps more important is that she gets you because she’s been in your shoes:


          wanting to make a bigger impact but not exactly sure how


            waiting for a lay-off and crafting her own next steps to avoid a lay-off


              redefining and advocating for new roles within a company


                taking the leap to quit a high-paying job with rich benefits with no guarantee of future income


                  creating and launching and growing her own successful company after corporate life.

                    Bottom line: She’s felt the discomfort and the excitement of looking ahead and not-knowing. She’s benefitted from the opportunity to step back from the “path of shoulds” and ask herself: “if I could wipe the slate clean, what would I want for my next career step?” In other words, she gets you. And that personal experience combined with all the clients she’s supported through professional transitions have informed the structured group and private coaching programs she offers for executives in the midst of exploring “what’s next” for their career path.

                    IDEAL CLIENTS

                    Erin has discovered that she works best with individuals who embody the following characteristics:

                    Seasoned – Her best clients recognize they are done living the path of “shoulds”, having gone to the “right schools” to get the “right jobs” to live a happy life. They are ready to create their future on their own terms.

                    Empowered – Her best clients also understand that to succeed and thrive in the 21st century economy, they must continually re-tool and reinvent themselves. They don’t want to wait for change to happen to them.

                    Curious – Her best clients enjoy learning new ways of looking at their life and future. They curiously consider the different Western, Eastern, and Somatic approaches she offers and take the best of these approaches to strengthen their foundation and elevate themselves to the next level.

                    Integrity – Her best clients are committed to living a decent life in alignment with their values and principles, and consciously strive to do the right thing in their communities and on behalf of their loved ones.

                    High-Performing – Her best clients are self-motivated decision-makers who are used to accomplishing what they set out to do.

                    Most of her clients are…


                    Senior-level and mid-level leaders, including c-suite executives, inside for-profit companies


                      Business owners or partners in a business or partnership/practice


                        High-level administrative leaders in large academic institutions


                          Educated with advanced degrees in business, law, medicine, finance, education, and other fields and have the letters MBA, PhD, JD, MD, CPA, EdD, and others behind their names


                            Recognized for their professional accomplishments, publications, board service, and community contributions with awards

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