It’s been one hell of a year. Unless you’re one of the millionaires or billionaires that grew your wealth in 2020, you likely experienced financial stress along with emotional strain, relationship challenges, and career difficulties. And if your health was affected this year, in any way, I sincerely hope you have fully recovered!

To support you in not just surviving through the end of the year, but truly THRIVING as you transition to 2021, I’m sharing 3 robust tips you can use today and each day in each moment that brings up negative emotions. Read on to find the one golden nugget that could really change things for you in the next few days and weeks. And if you’d like to dig in further with my support, click the button below to sign up now for one of my new complimentary Saboteur Diagnosis coaching sessions.

Stop Avoiding. Start Prioritizing for Impact. Engage. And Thrive.

If your m.o. is usually to be super flexible and work to keep the peace with others, but that leaves you putting your own needs last and feeling like you & your relationships are suffering, try one of the following approaches.

TIP #1: Prioritize and Engage
Make a list of the conflicts you’ve been avoiding. Seriously. Stop right now and do this.

Then, rank them in order of importance — perhaps related to how important the corresponding relationship is for you.

Start at the top with #1 and start address each one, one at a time, starting today. Yes, today! Why? The sooner you do so, the less mental and physical energy you’ll waste on worrying and procrastinating. As soon as you tend to each one, you’ll release a well-spring of energy and feel better. I promise. Do it!

TIP #2: Say No and Address Conflict Head-on in a Healthy Way
If one of the top 3 conflicts involves you needing to say “no”, but it’s hard for you to say so, practice saying “Thanks for thinking of me” or “Thanks for offering your ideas and suggestions”. Then say “After some consideration, I’ve decided….” [then fill in the blank for what is best for you in this situation].

If another of the top conflicts is challenging for you to resolve, try out sharing that with the other(s) involved. For example: “This is a really challenging situation for me. I notice that I’m feeling worried that this will hurt our relationship and I really want us to get along. You are important to me. Can we talk about what’s going on, even if it’s hard to do so?”

TIP #3: Energize Yourself with Creativity to Remove Blocks and Thrive
Perhaps one of the conflicts you’ve been avoiding is within yourself. Maybe it involves making a decision, or moving forward with a project that has long been weighing on your mind. Whatever it is, you feel stuck. Contemplate this initial question to leverage your strengths: “How can I be flexible about this situation in a good way, and bring in some fresh creative energy to look at and approach it differently?” Then ask yourself: “What can I let go of that will give me more room to consider different possibilities?”

If it’s a decision you are putting off, ask yourself this simple series of questions: “What’s the wildest and crazy thing I could decide to do in this situation?” Then ask yourself: “What’s the absolute worst thing I could decide to do?” And finally: “And in truth, what makes the most sense for me to decide at this time?”

By looking at things in a different way and shining on a light on the extremes, you can bring forth clarity for an answer or a small next step that feels right for you.

At the core of shifting from a surviving mindset to a THRIVING one, is shifting the way you look at things and tapping into positive emotions, creativity and other strengths you possess. When you hear your inner voice saying “this will not work” or “this is too simple and my situation Is different and too complex”, know that this is your old survival brain voice working to make things more difficult for you. To learn more about to quiet the negative survival voices in your head, sign up now for one of my new complimentary Saboteur Diagnosis coaching sessions.

Here’s to you bringing out more of your best self and THRIVING into and beyond the end of 2020.