I look at this photo and think to myself: Wow! We were there? One of our many adventures while in Costa Rica was to ride ATVs to more remote beaches. This photo was in front of Playa Minas on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, and it was full of water and sky and sand and birds and little crabs and not another human soul.

The biggest gift of covid quarantine this past year was more time with my kids. My experiment to shift my work schedule to Mon-Tues-Wed (and be offline as much as I could on Thurs-Sun) was a complete and total success. It yielded so many wonderful memories and stronger relationships with my older son Ian and younger son Miles. I was reminded of the intentionality required to be truly present with them. And my mental fitness practice of PQ reps helped me to stay grounded and not get emotionally triggered when normal conflict arose in the household.

As we near the end of the year, I reflect back on so many unexpected twists and turns that have now forever shaped my entire life, my family, my work, my relationships, and how I care for my health. I could have never predicted nor chosen how this past year has turned out, and yet I honestly would not change it.

My Deepest Gratitude Goes to:

  • My health – as a foundation for all
  • Family
  • Freedom to travel (where allowed)
  • The amazing work I get to do with the world’s best clients
  • Future possibilities

Even if you experienced unexpected challenges and hardship this past year, what are you grateful for? I’d love to hear from you!