As we fast approach the end of 2020, I wish you a happy new year! And as you look ahead to 2021, I invite you to read the lessons I learned from surfing just a couple weeks ago, perhaps to inspire you as you move into 2021.

Lesson #1:
You’re never too old to try something new. 

On my first trip to Bali, my friends Angela and Madeline took surfing lessons. I sat on shore and thought to myself “they are crazy.” Years later, I said “why not?” If I can learn to surf, what else new can I try? I am inspired. And I hope you are too.

Lesson #2:
Feel the fear, then breathe deeply, paddle, stop, stand, surf. Amazing!

By focusing on just one step at a time and being present in only this moment I did it. I breathed, I took it one step at a time, and I did it. Well, sometimes I did it, then fell, but it was fun. It’s all about taking it one step at a time. Such a great reminder for anything in life.

Lesson #3:
Waves are not waves. They are the result of energy moving through water. Wow!

If you’ve been on my list for years and years, then you remember when the first principle I taught you was that “everything is energy.” I truly experienced that with my time in the ocean in Costa Rica and body surfing, and then learning to surf with a surf board. By being present with my breath and moving my energy with the energy moving through the water, the surfing was smooth and peaceful and fun. When I had fear or tried to go against that energy, I fell or did not feel in rhythm with the energy of life. Amazing!

I hope by sharing the lessons I learned from surfing you’ve found some reminders and discoveries for yourself that you can take into 2021. And if you’re looking for coaching support to carry you along with the energy of your life (and to stop pushing), let’s talk!