On a call last week, a former SVP of HR said that although she had worked in human resources her whole career, it was not until completing professional coach training last year that she realized what coaching truly was as a skillset and how it was different from mentoring or consulting or the advisory role of a HR business partner. Then just yesterday, on a call with a serial business owner, he described what he needed and I was able to clarify for him that he was actually in need of a consultant, not a coach.

And recently, I myself was reminded of the importance of receiving counseling from a licensed therapist and how that differs from how my own professionally trained peer coach supports me.

If you too are wondering what is the difference between coaching, therapy, consulting, and also mentoring, training, and sports coaching, read over this helpful Coaching FAQ which features official definitions and distinctions from the International Coach Federation.

If you would like to learn more about what you can focus on in coaching, skip below to the common themes of recent coaching sessions with clients. I meet with a majority of my coaching clients via the Zoom video platform and also sometimes by phone. I currently coach clients in 9 different states and four different countries. And over my career, I have partnered with clients from nearly 20 countries and across the United States.

If you understand the distinction between coaching and the other modalities and you realize you could benefit from a coaching session, see below for details on both complimentary and discounted coaching sessions.

To schedule a 15-minute or 30-minute complimentary COACHING session, click on the Schedule Now button below.

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Birthday & Anniversary SPECIAL OFFER ends on March 31st

Also, in honor of my 48th birthday (which was on March 11) and the 16th anniversary of starting my coaching business (which was in February), I am offering a package of 4 (four) or 8 (eight) or 16 (sixteen) half-hour coaching sessions for just $64 per coaching session. (48 + 16 = 64. Basic math!)

This is more than 50% discount off my regular coaching rate!

All coaching takes place via phone or Zoom video platform, from the comfort of your home or new home office location.

This offer is for returning clients or new clients, and for a limited time only: you must purchase in the month of March and then use the sessions in the months of March and April (if you purchase 4) or in the months of March, April, and May (if you purchase 8) or use them all by end of July (if you purchase 16). Half-hour sessions can be combined for full one-hour coaching, if you like.

You can send $256.00 USD (package of 4) or $512.00 USD (package of 8) or $1,205.00 USD (package of 16) via PayPal to Erin@ErinOwen.com or via Venmo to @ErinOwenPhiladelphia, then use the Schedule Now button below to schedule your first half-hour coaching call.

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What will you focus on in our coaching session? Below are some common themes I am hearing in recent coaching sessions with clients:

1NEW WORK CIRCUMSTANCES: How to adapt to change in work environment and schedule, establishing new boundaries and time management strategies, etc.

2STRESS/SELF-CARE: How to manage stress and be creative in ways to take care of yourself body, mind, and spirit

3CAREER NEXT STEPS: Anticipating or preparing for change in employment, whether by choice or due to economic impact on current employment situation, brainstorming and planning next steps

4NETWORK/RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT: This is not therapy, but rather the opportunity to discuss how to best leverage key network connections and/or engage in dialogue with key stakeholders to build greater trust, align interests, in support of your goals.

5SHIFT OF LIFE PATH: When the world throws you lemons, how do you make lemonade? Recent events may have thwarted a dream or a plan, so use coaching support to look ahead and re-imagine what is possible, then create a concrete action plan to move in a new direction.


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Here’s to your Resilience and Resourcefulness during this Challenging Time! 


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