To what degree are you present in your mind and present in your body in this moment?

Take a moment to check-in with yourself. Take a conscious breath and pause. And ask yourself:

“To what degree am I present in my mind and present in my body in this moment?”

Taking the time to locate yourself a couple times each day can be a helpful way to feel more grounded and anchored to what is happening right now. Neither the past nor the future are real. Only this moment is real.

In my recent coaching sessions with clients, some clients have found it helpful to locate themselves using the aid of a framework. Some clients have really appreciated the Steven D’Souza framework shared in his book Not Knowing. (You can watch his TedX talk on the same theme here.) Other clients have been working with me to use the Conscious Leadership Group’s “Above the Line” framework, which you can learn more about here.

In this email, I am sharing a framework that you also may have seen in a recent content post on social media. I am grateful to my coaching colleague Michael Levine who tracked down the origin of this framework to its source: an emergency room physician in India named Dr. Monika Langeh.

Where do you see yourself in this frame in this moment? In the fear zone? the learning zone? the growth zone?

Who Do I Want to Be During the CoronavirusPerhaps you vacillate between zones throughout the day depending on what is happening in your mind and in your environment. Notice what inspires you to shift from left to right, and also what may trigger you to stay in the fear zone or move right to left.

Have you noticed a progression in your experience over the days, weeks, and months of our shared COVID-19 era? Perhaps you have shifted from being primarily in the fear zone for the first 2-3 weeks, then finding your ground and spending some time in the learning zone. With frequent “tests” on your stability and ability to respond to uncertainty, it may be too difficult for you to stay in the learning zone for more than a few minutes at a time. And if you’ve found yourself at times in the growth zone, notice what supports you in arriving here and staying here. For me, a daily meditation practice is critical.

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I am with you, one moment at a time,


Erin Owen, MBA, PCC, JCTC
Executive Coach since 2004

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