How would you respond to these statements? (Be honest!)

  1. I am in charge of my time  Most of the time?  Sometimes?  Rarely?
  2. My calendar dictates my daily life  Most of the time?  Sometimes?  Rarely?
  3. My stress level is manageable  Most of the time?  Sometimes?  Rarely?

During the webinar I led last Friday with members of the Beacon Professional Network, I asked the above question and also shared two frameworks to support participants to:

  • assess the degree to which you are spending time aligned with what is most important
  • and learn how to prioritize the “important” (not the “urgent”)

What did not surprise me was:

How significantly the current stay-at-home restrictions have changed how people allocate their time and the impact these changes have made on them: both positively and in many not-so-great ways. The key challenge seemed to be the need for better boundaries to shift away from too much time on Zoom and too many hours working. And the key benefit seemed to be more quality time with family.

Are you Focusing on What’s Important?

During the webinar I guided participants to take the Four Way View, a core assessment in the Total Leadership program which I’ve facilitated for 10+ years. This assessment generates a clear picture of what is most important for you and the degree to which your choices for how you spend your time are aligned with that importance.

If you’d like to do this exercise yourself, it is available online for free here. And you can learn more about its creator Stew Friedman and his work here. In last week’s webinar, I also shared the following version of the Eisenhower Matrix as a tool for how to focus on what is most important.Eisenhower Matrix

How will you live and lead in your new circumstances?

There is no going back to “normal” now, as the world will not revert to the way it was before COVID-19 and you cannot forget the awareness you’ve gained over the past couple months. With new insights into what is most important and what changes you’d like to make moving forward, you can create your own way to adapt and thrive in your new circumstances.

If you’d like to talk more about the frameworks shared above or how coaching can support you in re-framing and re-creating your future life and career, I invite you to schedule a complimentary coaching session with me via my online calendar. If you’d like to skip the free session and dive straight into a more in-depth assessment and planning session, learn more about “Crisis to Clarity” coaching here.

The world needs more flexible and resilient leaders, who lead from the heart with compassion and the brain with ingenuity. I am grateful to be called to this line of work called professional coaching, in which I’ve consulted with and coached over a thousand leaders over the years, and supported leaders like you in cultivating the exact competencies we most need now.

As the weather gets warmer in the northern hemisphere and nature calls you outside, please use caution and stay healthy by following the guidance of your local government.

Here’s to thriving (not just surviving)!


Erin Owen, MBA, PCC, JCTC
Executive Coach since 2004

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